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Dr Sergio Pintaudi graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 1977, he worked as a medical doctor in state hospitals for the National Health Service from 1978 to 2018. Dr Pintaudi was the head of the Accident and Emergency Department of the Hospital Garibaldi of Catania, Italy, until only a few years ago

In 2015, at the Hospital Garibaldi of Catania, he set up a Biocontainment unit, creating in Sicilia one of the most prepared teams in Italy and he still continues to train nurses and doctors in other parts of Italy.

Dr Pintaudi promoted and managed for the Sicilian Region the first center of Biocontainment connected to an Accident and Emergency Department and became the Regional Representative for Biocontainment.

Today he is the Scientific Consultant to the Chief of Staff of the Italian Navy and he deals with Biocontainment and problems relating to preventing, containing, and resolving infectious diseases. During the Covid-19 pandemic he has been a Consultant for the Local Health Authority (ASL) Roma5, and deals with elaborating systems of strategies and procedures of Biocontainment at the Covid Hospital Palestrina, Rome.

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Sergio Pintaudi

Scientific Consultant to the Chief of Staff of the Italian Navy

40 YEARS of experience


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“…after retiring from being the head of A&E, I regained the pleasure of being a doctor helping those less fortunate in under developed countries.”